Review and Compare: Pizza Hut vs. Papa John’s Chocolate Chip Cookie


The little leading lady at The Plain Cheese. Read the About for more. My fav snacks are Doritos, Red Vines, Reese's, Sour Patch Kids, M&Ms, Jelly Beans, Popcorn, Oreos, Gummy Bears...

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4 Responses

  1. Jaime Haney says:

    You are cracking me up. And these are making me hungry.

    You need your own column or perhaps a radio show, you are so descriptive. I’m salivating even without the photos 😉 Maybe you should move on up to BlogTalkRadio!

    love your blog

  2. craig says:

    The Pizza Hut cookie is an instant family favorite… very good.

  3. Patrick says:

    I have two sons that can eat enough pizza to feed an army, and on movie night Friday, a pizza hut chocolate cookie is a must have. And yes if you warm it up and add some ice cream it is the best.. Just mind the portions because it is nap inducing.

  4. Just letting everyone know about how bad the customer service is in the lower mainland
    B.C. If you’re ordering from certain stores who are franchises owned by “new Canadians”
    be prepared for the worst service. I was told by one of these “owners” that
    “I should be so lucky to live in Canada”. This is coming from someone who my country
    welcomed them with open arms to a Canadian born citizen. I spent over 7 MONTHS to have
    this address. I was issued 5 free pizzas, and in the end, they backed out of the agreement.

    Then to top it off, Jeff Linquist (604-552-5955) decided to tell me that he was the “owner”
    of Papa Johns! Beware when ordering from these places. My local store is amazing,
    however, my experience on the whole is complete crap! AND, their head office’s policy
    is to waste as much time as possible. Let’s see if Incident # – JRAE-9XK3MP is solved soon.

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