Review: Little Caesars Soft Pretzel Crust Pepperoni Pizza

Finally, a new post! With a tough magazine deadline, a longtime employee leaving, and me receiving the promotion to her position, the word “busy” barely begins to describe my life at work lately. But the September/October issue is at print, I’m at the end of a three-day weekend, we’re sliding into a new month, and I can breathe just a wee bit easier.

After running some much-needed errands on Saturday afternoon (Yay for new sheets!), the husband wanted to get some Little Caesars pizza to take home. I may have whined a little.

“But sweeetie, the pretzel crust doesn’t come out until next weeeeek… I want to tryyy it, and I don’t want Little Caesars twice in one weeeeek… Let’s waaait…”

lc-pretzel-crust-promoBut lo and behold, we stopped in, and there it was, on the fancy rotating digital sign: a HOT-N-READY® Soft Pretzel Crust Pizza for $6. I shouted, with excited, bouncy Heather glee, “Is it really already available?!” My question was immediately answered by the nice cashier girl who turned around to ask, “Would you like to try our new Pretzel Crust Pepperoni Pizza?”

“YES!” (I believe this the only time I’ve ever answered a fast food new promotion stock question like that in the affirmative. It was actually kind of nice.)

Normally, I get a plain cheese pizza (we’ve been over this), but the cashier informed me that with THIS pizza, they couldn’t make it without the pepperonis. I still don’t quite understand this if the pizzas are made fresh. But pepps are easy to pick off, so no biggie. It was a long ride home. I opened the box, and here was my prize:


The scent of the pretzel crust pizza is overwhelmingly cheesy. I mean, the thing itself IS overwhelmingly cheesy, with a creamy cheddar cheese sauce in place of regular marinara pizza sauce and a blend of Asiago, Fontina, Parmesan, and White Cheddar cheeses on top of that. You really have to like cheese, and pretzels, and, well, carbs and salt, to enjoy this pizza. Thankfully, I DO!


The first few bites of a slice taste sort of like a cheesy bread. You get no sense of pretzel here. Why? Because it’s only the outer crust that’s pretzel, from what I’m told. Sneaky. Oh, and even after the pepperonis were picked off, the pizza is really quite greasy. The cheddar cheese sauce is pretty gosh darn prominent, and even for me, gets a little overwhelming at times. Toward the end of the slice things balance out a bit more, and the best bites include the salt-laden crust, the overall flavor just like your average soft pretzel dipped in cheese.

I was a bit disappointed in the texture of the end crust, though. The promotional photo shows it to be thick, like the roundness of a real soft pretzel. In actuality, the crust is pretty flat (see below). I was hoping for it to be fluffier, and well, more SOFT. It’s chewy, and a little difficult for someone with TMJ, like me, to bite through cleanly. The flavor is great, though, and the amount of salt on mine was just right.


Overall, it’s an interesting item, and I mostly enjoyed it. Pretzel seems to be the bacon of late, with pretzel buns, pretzel breading, and now, pretzel crust, becoming super trendy. I won’t complain about that. When it comes to Little Caesars’ jaunt into the pretzel product world, my main criticism would be the overly cheese-saucy middle of the pizza. But thank freaking goodness it isn’t mustard.

You know, marinara sauce isn’t exactly an odd pairing when it comes to pretzels, so I’m wondering how it would taste if used on this pizza. I even dipped a piece of the pretzel crust into some Crazy Sauce, and it was pretty delish. Maybe make the pizzas with marinara on one half, cheese sauce on the other? Or, what about leaving off the sauce altogether, and going with a few dipping sauces instead?

Would I Buy It Again? Probably so. Though I wouldn’t buy it all the time, the pretzel crust is a nice change of pace from the average pizza.

Need to Know: Little Caesars will be offering the limited edition Soft Crust Pepperoni Pizza from Sept. 1 to Oct. 26 as a $6 Hot-N-Ready from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.


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13 Responses

  1. T says:

    Ahhhh so glad I decided to stop by your website today! I’ve been DYING to try this pizza but I’m on a diet!!! I agree that it’s incredibly silly to HAVE to have it pepperoni??? I mean, how does pepperoni go with pretzel anyway? One of my favorite foods is soft pretzels with cheese so I can’t wait to try this one (perhaps on a cheat day). I also agree the crust looks a little flat, but hey, it IS Little Caesar’s lol I’m impressed that they’ve even made a pizza that will tempt me since I think their regular pizzas tastes worse than the cheapest frozen pizza available! Thanks for this review and I’ll be trying it soon I hope…

    • T says:

      Update-I tried the pizza yesterday and they made me a plain cheese one with no problem. The pizza was better than I expected, the cheese sauce was yummy and I got some of the delicious crazy bread with it as well. I thought this pizza was a great deal for $6 for a large! My only complaint was one of yours though, I thought the crust was too flat to resemble pretzel bread!

  2. Toby says:

    I really can’t stand this crust or the extra cheesiness at all (why don’t they mention the added cheese on the sign? weird) but I’m pretty sure your store lied to you–i asked about sausage and they said they’d be more than happy to do it but i didn’t feel like waiting.

  3. JayCee says:

    I loved this pizza !!! Unlike the reviewer above, my pretzel crust was not flat – but thick and chewy, just like a soft pretzel. I hadn’t been a Little Caesar customer for some time, but this pizza has made me a fan once again. Love, love, love this pizza !!! I hope it becomes a permanent item on their menu.

  4. Chris says:

    Are you still alive?

  5. Renata says:

    Hi… I just had my new favorite comfort food, 2nd time in 2 weeks….love love pretzel pretzel pizza pizza from Little Caesar’s. The manager told me that the Pretzel pizza is going to be discountinued at the end of February. Grrrrrrrr…. no reason,,, it’s selling well, it’s cost effect, so what gives. It’s sooo tasty with just a hint of garlic in the creamy cheese sauce. I disagree with the above comments about the flatter pretzel dough. I think it’s in a nice proportion to the pizza sauce. It’s a pizza, folks… not a pretzel!
    Anyway, this comment section asked for my website, so here it is, please check it out It’s an organic toothbrush. You can have one in your car, your desk, backpack and brush wherever. No toothpaste or spitting required. Good news, no toxic fluoride. Sharing some happy news to cover the sad news about the yummy Pretzel pizza.

  6. shelli says:

    Oh wow.. I’m in awe… that there are people who actually like this offering. I can’t call it pizza, it is not. I tried it with excitement too though! I’m a huge fan of cheese, huge fan of pretzels and pepperoni is an absolute favorite pickled meat product.. but this, it was nauseating.

    It looked great, the pretzel like crust wasn’t flat, but the salt was overwhelming. The yellow cheese like sauce was salty too. It was thoroughly nasty and the first slice didn’t even see the pit of my belly.

    Rest assured, this craze is never going to be anything I’m crazy about. I even gave the competition a try, Pizza Hut. Their pretzel crusted pie wasn’t much better, again.. the salt was overwhelming even after I scraped.. and scraped and scraped. Not my thing.. ever.

  7. Daniel Bowling says:

    The pretzel crust pizza is the best they make it’s awesome we wished they would have it on the menu all the time if they did wwe would eat there more.

  8. Dezron says:

    I agree..the salt gave me horrible heartburn

  1. September 6, 2014

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