The 2014 Wabash Foodservice Food Show

Wabash-Foodservice-show1Since my family has been in the restaurant business for a while now, I’m an old pro when it comes to sampling food and slinging freebies in my bag. Nothing beats wandering from booth to booth and stuffing free snacks in your face. This week I had the opportunity to go the Wabash Foodservice annual food show in Evansville. Here are a few highlights.

The SuperPretzel booth was featuring their line of whole grain pretzel products, including these Superstix Stuffed Soft Pretzel Snacks in Strawberry Cream Cheese and Cinnamon Bun flavors. The strawberry was pretty attention-getting, with Pepto-pink goo oozing from the samples.


The real winner at their booth, though, were the samples of deep-fried soft pretzel sticks. Before I found out it had been fried, I mumbled through a mouthful something like, “OMG, these are so good! Why is this so freaking good? What is this magic?” Then the guy behind the table winks, and says, “Because I deep-fried them.” Why haven’t I thought of this before?!  The outside was bubbly and crunchy, and the middle soft and chewy. So delicious, it almost made my mouth forget the spicy torture of the jalapeno chips at The Better Chip booth.


Chicken is pretty much the only meat I eat (other than bacon, because… bacon), so I gravitated to the Wayne Farms booth, my heart leaping for joy when I saw the samples labeled “Waffle Breaded Chicken.” It’s no secret that I’m always in search of a good waffle/chicken combo, and Popeye’s Chicken Waffle Tenders are a personal favorite. The Dutch Quality House brand Waffle Breaded Chicken Breast Bites I sampled are close in flavor. Yum! The same breaded chicken is also available in breast “slider” and full breast filet options.


Are you one of those people who mix their ketchup with Ranch dressing? Well, I’m not, because I don’t eat ketchup OR ranch. But, if you like the combo, then you’re in luck. “To satisfy the demand for enhanced condiment choices,” Red Gold has come out with “Ranchup” sauce.


My vote for “Food I Don’t Want to Look at, Much Less Eat” goes to this huge slice of bologna that’s been breaded and deep-fried.


So… I’m grossed out now, and will leave you with a gallery of a few more images from the food show. It was a fun time, and I can’t wait for the next one!


The little leading lady at The Plain Cheese. Read the About for more. My fav snacks are Doritos, Red Vines, Reese's, Sour Patch Kids, M&Ms, Jelly Beans, Popcorn, Oreos, Gummy Bears...

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  1. bikgrlAmy says:

    I love ranch dressing and I love ketchup. Never thought to mix them, but sounds like a great idea. I will be on the lookout for that sauce.

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